Level Surface and Apply Protective Barrier

Mask the wipe blades and cowling area with a damp towel to simplify residue removal.


Polish the painted surface with a high speed buffer and polishing pad. Follow the same buffing techniques used when compounding (except the buffer can be run up to 2800 r.p.m.).


Remove polishing residue with a soft, clean cloth.


Sparingly apply a thin, even layer of Wax or Paint Sealant to the paint by hand with a clean, soft applicator pad ...


... or with an orbital buffer (which is excellent for ensuring application evenness).


Be sure to apply wax to clearcoated wheels, as well.


Once the product has dried to a haze, remove the residue with a clean, soft cloth ...


... or with an orbital buffer.


Be very thorough when removing wax residue. A detail brush is effective when cleaning cracks and crevices.

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