Ceramic Coatings Killed the Car Wax Industry

Is it just me or does that title make you want to hum the melody to Video Killed the Radio Star? Anyone? Bueller? OK, I am just dating myself now. It’s a song that is best listened to on classic formats like vinyl or cassette. Did I just call cassettes classic? For some they are. Now, I am from the age of cassettes and vinyl, then making the big jump to CD. Why would I go back? Some may think the same thing about car wax. With the option to have the ceramic coating on your car, isn’t that the smarter choice? I mean, my dad would put car wax on his cars. Now that I am a father, it seems so outdated. Yet, I thought the same thing about vinyl and cassettes. And here we are, in a time when both formats are considered collectibles. Could it be that car wax is still relevant?

You can Google ceramic coatings and a plethora of results come at you about the benefits it has for your vehicle. And the choices are abundant. From the highly professional options down to the DIY specialty kits. And for good reason. They provide a lasting protection against contaminants and minor scratches while making the vehicle easier to clean. Ceramic coatings are easily worth the money for the right vehicle and proper maintenance. Sing it with me, “Ceramic coatings killed car wax!” Still nothing? Do yourself a favor and look up the video by the Buggles. Fun fact, this was also the very first video played on MTV. For those of you snickering, they actually did play music videos at one time.

So, did ceramic coatings really kill the car wax industry. One might assume yes, but that’s not necessarily the case. Really it just depends on the vehicle owner and their driving habits as to whether a ceramic coating or car wax is the best option for them. While ceramic coatings are fantastic and worth the money, knowing who and who should not have it applied to their vehicle is crucial.

Who should consider investing in a ceramic coating? Consider the driver whose vehicle that is driven almost daily and exposed to environmental elements.  Of course, to keep that coating strong, using a quality soap is key. While a major benefit of a ceramic coating is the longevity of protection it provides, how the coating is maintained along with environmental elements play a major role in determining this. Overall, a ceramic coating does offer a greater protection over wax. However, it also requires a greater investment of time and money.

On the flip side, a good car wax makes sense for those drivers who are more concerned about the overall appearance, while the vehicle itself is not overly exposed to the elements. A car that is driven mostly on sunny days or shown at car shows actually benefit from a proper waxing.  Heck, car wax is still very popular among show car owners and car collectors. While this technique may seem to be old fashioned, outdated or old school, it is still very effective and price friendly.

In conclusion, no, wax is not dead. Like any tool, you have different options for different jobs based upon multiple factors. And like any professional trade, knowledge is the best tool. And if you have not watched the video for Video Killed the Radio Star, now is the time.