Detailing Videos

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, Car Brite has produced and will continue to produce videos which illustrate both time-proven reconditioning techniques and the proper usage of newly introduced products.


Remove Metallic Fallout with Heavy Metal

A ready-to-use, acid-free, pH balanced iron contaminant remover that is highly effective in removing brake and rail dust found on vehicle painted surfaces and wheels. Its color-shifting property lets you know it's working as it goes on yellow and transitions to purple as it comes in contact with iron deposits.


Car Brite Black Peral Ceramic Coating Instructional Video

Car Brite Black Pearl Ceramic Si02 Coating provides a lasting, impermeable barrier that protects surfaces against the harshest of elements while providing a deep, rich gloss. The Si02 formula is a liquid glass coating resistant to scratches, acid, salt, chloride and alkaline making it far more durable than wax. The coating provides a near perfect surface creating a self-cleaning finish that helps prevent water spots and the adhesion of deposits while enhancing color and depth of shine. Plus, its anti-static properties help repel dust helping keep surfaces cleaner - longer.


Clean Exterior and Interior Surfaces with Omni Brite

Omni Brite is a heavy duty, water-based general purpose biodegradable cleaner formulated with CleanGredients® listed surfactants. This versatile cleaner is strong enough to remove exterior grime, bugs and deposits and is excellent for sensitive interior fabrics when diluted further. Great for removing road salt from vehicle interiors. Phosphate & NPE-free.

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