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When detailing a vehicle, the right technique is just as important as the right product or tool. Recognizing that fact, Car Brite has developed a world class automotive reconditioning training program, supported by our head trainer, Robert "Bob" Wrasman. Bob is a World Class, IDA Certified Trainer with over 40 years of experience in Paint Application, Paint Correction, Appearance Products, Car Wash Technology, Automotive Refurbishing, Ceramic Coating Application, and Automotive Detailing. Bob also has a gift and a passion for teaching.

The training covers Car Brite’s recommended reconditioning process and features both classroom overviews of the products, equipment and techniques used, and “hands on” sessions in which participants perform each step of the process.

The program also includes a comprehensive review of Car Brite’s product line, and the precautions necessary to safely use those that are hazardous.

We offer many options regarding your needs for training: 

  • Car Brite Distributor Training: a one to three day course covering process, products, equipment and chemistry
  • End User Training: a one to two day course covering process, products and equipment. USERS MUST COORDINATE TRAINING THROUGH THEIR LOCAL CAR BRITE DISTRIBUTOR
  • Auction Training: a one to two day course covering (high volume) process, products and equipment.

To learn more about training opportunities, please  reach out to your distributor. To find your nearest distributor, visit the Distributor Location page. For all other inquiries, please send us an email at

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