Clean and Dress Interior Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces

Thoroughly clean interior rubber, plastic & vinyl surfaces with a General Purpose Cleaner or Interior Cleaner by agitating the cleaning solution with a Doo All Pad ...


... or a detail brush. Apply the solution with the cleaning tool, and do not allow it to dwell for more than two minutes or dry on the surface.


Remove the solution from the surface by blowing the excess into a towel with compressed air, then wiping the surface thoroughly.


Hand clean the tops of the door jambs (latch level up).


Ensure all dirt is removed from the folds of the weather stripping on both the door jamb ...


... and the door itself.


Spot clean the visors and headliner by hand-applying a mild General Purpose Cleaner solution or lightly spraying an Aerosol Interior Cleaner.


Do not saturate of over-agitate the headliner. Either can loosen the adhesive causing it to sag.


Hand apply a Water-Based Dressing to all rubber, plastic & vinyl surfaces cleaned (except those areas that shouldn’t be slippery).

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