Clean Carpets, Seats & Upholstery

Deep clean the carpets, seats, upholstery and trunk compartment with an extractor and properly diluted extraction fluid.


To minimize soaking, apply the cleaning solution (pull trigger) on the first pass, then vacuum area twice without applying more solution.


To deodorize while extracting, add several ounces of Air Freshener or Counteractant to the extractor reservoir.


Mix a General Purpose Cleaner solution in a bucket and agitate to generate foam. Vigorously clean fabrics with the foam (not solution) using an upholstery brush.


Thoroughly vacuum all fabric surfaces cleaned.


To deodorize interior, lightly spray air freshener or counteractant under seat.


Either hand apply (if lotion) or spray (if liquid) Leather Cleaner to surface and gently agitate.


Let the cleaner dwell for several minutes, then wipe dry with a clean towel.


Hand apply or spray on Leather Conditioner, wipe into surface and let dry. If using Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, the entire process can be done in one step.

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