Clean Carpets, Seats & Upholstery


  • Carpet Brush
  • Cleaning Products based upon surface and staining
  • Spray Bottle
  • Applicator Pad
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Air-Whip or Extractor Cleaning Tools (If desired)
  • Vacuum



STEP #1: Inspect all fabric surfaces for stains, then dry brush the areas to be treated in order to separate the fibers.

PRO TIP: With treating any stain know, or unknown, wear nitrile gloves when treating these stains due to bacteria, germs, or chemicals that might be active in these stains.



STEP #2: Lightly apply the Spot Remover to the stained areas and allow it to dwell until the fabrics are deep cleaned later in the process. This can be done with a spray bottle or an air whip cleaning tool.



STEP #4: Vigorously clean fabrics with the foam (not solution) using an upholstery brush. If needed, you can mix a General-Purpose Cleaner solution in a bucket and agitate to generate foam.



STEP #5: Use the air-whip cleaning tool on the entire floor mat, going side to side in even motions, slightly overlapping.

PRO TIP: When using an air-whip cleaning tool, you want to clean just to the bottom of the fibers. Do not deeply saturate into the base of the carpet.



STEP #6: Once that is done, wipe the floor mat with a clean microfiber towel. Then one final time with a nylon brush. 




STEP #12: Generously apply the preferred cleaner with a trigger sprayer, Then, brush the fabric and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.



STEP #14: There are effective aerosol cleaners available as well. These work very well for carpet, upholstery, and the headliners. For headliners, spray thoroughly onto a microfiber cloth. Then do a 2-foot by 2-foot section, then crosshatch it. Then immediately wipe dry with a separate, dry microfiber cloth.


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