Degrease Vehicle

Wet the entire body area around the engine with cool water to prevent the Cleaner/Degreaser from spotting the paint. Do not wet the engine.


Thoroughly wet any painted surface to which the Cleaner/Degreaser will be applied (areas containing heavy traffic film).


Spray the engine and engine compartment with Cleaner/ Degreaser using a consistent pattern to ensure full coverage.


Apply Cleaner/Degreaser to the inner hood (avoiding the hoodliner), wheel wells ...


... door jambs (from the latch level down) ...


... mirror backs, rocker panels ...


... gas cap compartment ...


... and trunk jambs (if the jambs are dirty enough to warrant degreasing - if not, clean by hand when cleaning the tops of the door jambs during Interior Cleaning).


Agitate the grillwork and rocker panels with a pre-soaked Doo All pad to remove road film and bug residue.


Thoroughly pressure rinse all areas degreased, holding the spray nozzle 8” to 12” from the surface.


Pressure rinse the door jambs (latch level down) with the nozzle facing downward and slightly outward in order to minimize overspray into the interior.


Ensure all heavy grime is removed from the door latch area. Use caution when rinsing around electronics and weather stripping.


Thoroughly pressure rinse the rocker panels ...


... the gas cap compartment ..


... and trunk jambs (if degreased).


Pressure rinse the engine compartment last (allowing the Cleaner/Degreaser to dwell on the surface longest). Rinse the latch area first, avoiding the hoodliner.


Thoroughly rinse the engine following a consistent pattern. Stand at different angles to ensure hard-to-reach areas are completely clean. Don’t saturate engine electronics.


Examine your work. If any dirt or grease remains, re-apply the Cleaner/Degreaser and re-rinse.

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