Dye Deeply Stained Fabrics


  • Vacuum
  • Nylon carpet brush
  • Pet hair removal block or brush
  • Fabric dye
  • Multi-purpose rag
  • Disposable nitrile gloves



STEP #1: Make sure the fabric is thoroughly vacuumed, cleaned and dried before attempting to dye any stains. It is vital that any and all hair is removed.

PRO TIP: It is good practice to try and clean any spots repeatedly before resorting to using a fabric dye. Using fabric dyes should be the last resort.



STEP #2: Spray a light coating of dye directly on the fabric.



STEP #3: Using a nylon brush, brush the dye in, moving the carpet into different directions, softening the fibers allowing the dye to seep in.



STEP #4: Allow the dye to dwell for several minutes.



STEP #5: Lightly spray a second coating and allow the dye to dwell for a few minutes.



STEP #6: Before the second coat dries completely, brush the surface again, blending the color with the surrounding fabric. If you are doing a spot in the middle of the floor mat, blend it out in a circular motion from the treated area.

PRO TIP: Once the fabric is completely dry, to lock in the color, put a couple coats of scotch guard on the treated areas. 



STEP #7: Check mat for color inconsistencies and repeat any steps as necessary.


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