Wash and Clay Exterior

Move the vehicle out of direct sunlight, and wet with cool water.


Apply Car Soap solution to the vehicle from the top down (either from a bucket or with a foamer).


Vigorously agitate the soap solution with a sponge or wash mitt.


Since Car Soaps are pH balanced (contain no harsh alkalis), agitation is required to break the bond between the soil and the vehicle surface.


Be sure to “mitt out” the wheel wells (using a separate mitt than the one used to agitate the soap solution on the paint).


Rinse the vehicle from the top down, using low pressure.


Examine the Clay Bar to ensure that it’s free of contaminants.


Lubricate the surface by generously misting it with a mild Car Soap solution.


Gently rub the Clay Bar over the lubricated surface, working lengthwise with the panel.


Knead the Clay Bar when its face become “saturated” (there is no longer any resistance as you rub the bar on the paint).


Pressure rinse the areas clayed.


Dry the surface with a chamois.

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