6" 1500 Grit Denim Foam Pad

SKU: 862222

Our 6" 1500 Grit Denim Pad is a unique levelling pad designed as an alternate approach to conventional hand-sanding method. It works by consistently shaving-off uneven & wavy paint, revealing a flatter surface. Flatten surface reflects more uniformly, producing a mirror shine on paint. Pad is made of sturdy denim which is hard, flat and less porous material to hold most of the abrasives on the surface and level orange peel to reveal a flatter surface. Fortified stitching and cementing of materials ensure pad’s lifespan is prolonged for extended usage.

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SDS & California SB-258
6" 1500 Grit Denim Foam Pad

6" 1500 Grit Denim Foam Pad