Coated Magnetic License Plate Holder

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Don't get caught without a dealer plate on your vehicle!! A local Michigan car dealer just received a $175.00 ticket because a porter was caught driving their vehicle on the road without a dealer plated installed. The police actually impounded the vehicle. (true story).

Dealer license plate magnets.

Completely rubber coated to prevent scratching, these Iron Oxide magnets will hold their magnetic charge indefinitely.

Attatch the license plate magnet with included hardware to your dealer demo plate and your ready to go. No looking for screw drivers or license plate screws.

Great for customer test drives or transporting vehicles around town.

These magnets will adhere to all metalic surfaces - trunk lids, bumpers, tailgates etc...

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SDS & California SB-258
Coated Magnetic License Plate Holder

Coated Magnetic License Plate Holder