Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher

SKU: CBA0075

- Make the small stuff sweat you!
- The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher is the perfect tool for polishing small, niche, and inconspicuous areas of your vehicle.
- The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher is a light-weight, cordless rotary polisher that will make polishing your door jambs, headlights, A-pillars, around decals, and other hard-to-reach areas easier than ever before.
- The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher has a variable speed design that makes it easy to adjust your polishing process to what is needed for your detailing process.
- Capable of reaching speeds of 8300 RPM

With two 12V Li-Ion batteries and a 110V charger, you will rarely be left powerless when you need to buff out your paint! Your car is composed of many different sized panels and surfaces, not all of which are easily accessible by your average buffing tool. However, just because these areas are not easy to buff does not mean that they do not need to be maintained just like the rest of your car. In fact, because these areas are often left neglected, they tend to require even more work than your hood or side panels. The only way to effectively correct these areas is to use a tool that makes working on small or inconspicuous areas a possibility. The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher comes with a 3” backing plate that makes working in tight areas a breeze! The Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher can even be used with a smaller backing plate to allow access to even smaller, harder to reach surfaces.Weighing in at just under 3 pounds, the Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher can be easily maneuvered to deftly reach the surfaces of your vehicle that had been previously neglected out of necessity. On top of this, the Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher is completely cordless, offering you the freedom that comes along with not being chained to the wall by a pesky cord.

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SDS & California SB-258
Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher

Mighty Mini Cordless Polisher