Short Handle Salt & Pepper Brush

SKU: 873079

Versatile 9 Inch Detail Brush with Salt and Pepper Polystyrene Bristles for firmness to remove dirt and grime. Quality heavy-duty UV resistant 9 inch short handle and block is curved to fit your hand. The poly bristles are manufactured to withstand your strongest chemicals, detergents, and solvents. This Rim Brush will not break down under repeated moisture use. This is more than a Tire, Rim and Wheel Brush, it is safe for body panels, bumpers, and other extra dirty car and truck areas. An Econo Brush that does not give up quality for price. It is a professional car detail brush used by detailers and car dealers all over the country.

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SDS & California SB-258
Short Handle Salt & Pepper Brush

Short Handle Salt & Pepper Brush