Must-Haves for Spring Detailing

We've put together a list of great products to try this spring when detailing your vehicles. A great wheel & tire cleaner, a reliable and powerful soap, an easy to use spray-on wax and a state-of-the-art fabric cleaner.

XTR Wheel & Tire Cleaner

An extreme duty, ready-to-use, VOC compliant, acid-free wheel & tire cleaner. Safe for use on all wheel types including PVD.

Cherry Bomb

A thick liquid soap with a cherry fragrance. Provides long lasting suds for a scratch-free rinse. Due to viscosity, not recommended for use with proportioners.

Wax As-U-Dry

Wax As-U-Dry™ is designed to wax cars, watercraft and RV's as you dry them off - FAST! It provides a just-waxed look in one simple spray-on formula with a lasting protection. Protection and shine improves with regular use. Works great on wet or dry surfaces. Safe for all paint finishes, chrome, windows, bumpers and moldings. Excellent for RVs and watercraft. Plus, it is phosphate and NPE-free making it safe for aquatic life.

X3 Fabric Cleaner & Protectant

A state-of-the-art fabric cleaner formulated to clean, protect and deodorize seats, carpets and upholstery in one step. It quickly removes contaminants from automotive fabrics, leaves a protective barrier that prevents staining, and neutralizes malodor molecules. Great for headliners and seatbelts.